Hi, my name is


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i am a freelancer specialized in digital advertising, strategic concept and creative copywriting. as i don’t need any sleep i just started my phd in the field of social sciences (persuasive communication of digital advertising) at university of vienna.


clients: McDonald’s, BMW, L'oreal, REWE

agencies: DDB Wien, PKP BBDO, TBWA Wien

awards 2016:

Columbus Arena 0.16 – Bronze /McDonald’s Why Not

Columbus Arena 0.10 – Silber /McDonald’s Golden Nugget Rush

Columbus Arena 0.10 – Bronze /McDonald’s Golden Nugget Rush

Media Award – Bronze /McDonald’s Golden Nugget Rush

iab.web Award (Contests & Spiele)- Bronze /McDonald’s Golden Nugget Rush

iab.web Award (Beste Kampagne) -Bronze /McDonald’s Golden Nugget Rush


next destinations:

25.12 – 02.01. China | 02.01 – 08.01 Hong Kong | 08.01 – 14.01 Dubai | 14.01.-18.01 Abu Dhabi


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